In the heart of Paris

In the heart of paris the added value of prestige

A prestige showcase - an adaptable location - an exceptionnal creative setting -
Place de la Concorde in the historical perspective created by Le Nôtre in the center of the Golden Triangle in the direction of the Champs Élysées and Avenue Montaigne next to the Rue Royale, Faubourg Saint-Honoré…
ESPACES CONCORDE More than 20,000,000 visitors
ESPACES CONCORDE is located on the main trafic way taken by most visitors to Paris – One of the city's must see attractions, exalting the image of every company that uses its space.

awareness image impact profitability


For a major event

such as the launch of a perfume
A prestigious scene
An adaptable space to give any campaign a tactical presence on this historical and spectacular site which is seen by 80% of all visitors to Paris.


A commercial weapon

Dramatic impact as a commercial weapon

The quality of the events organized in ESPACES CONCORDE achieves major spin-off to dynamize any product launch.

A flexible sales tool

A responsive tool in terms of sales

ESPACES CONCORDE is an ideal location that ensures the fullest impact for any type of media coverage. It boasts an international reputation that will accelerate the adoption of a brand by the largest possible public while stimulating sales through the organization of retail corners and pop-up stores on site.

Examples of use

High profitability

Create a major event - Establish a privileged contact with the consumer with high profitability.

Exalt your products worldwide

Because of the location and its history, the products are displayed in the most majestic setting. ESPACES CONCORDE guarantees your brand strong emergence in a setting that reflects its know-how. An event in ESPACES CONCORDE complements and enhances any media coverage worldwide.